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Who Am I?

I was born and (primarily) raised in the beautiful city of Toronto, although I have also resided in South Africa and Montreal. My background is a big mix of Northern European—Scottish, German, French, Finnish and Polish (there’s more but I won’t bore you). Upon completing my Bachelors Degree I moved back to Toronto where I began to write and produce music. Upon discovering the world of companionship, I was able to focus more on my art as well as academic pursuits.

Art and sensual intimacy are the two creative outlets I'm most passionate about—but I can't pursue my passion without your help. I genuinely love what I do because I crave the deep personal connection and self-growth that results from a new relationship.

What Makes Me Tick?

I adore a variety of experiences and love to go with the flow. However, underneath my sweet demeanour I do harbour an interest in the kink and fetish world. Think of me as your explorative GFE. However, I am not a PSE provider.


My biggest issue in life is that I have too many interests…at the moment I am into French films, economics, early 90’s fashion, 35 mm photography, political policy and philosophy of law.

I also love running, training at the gym, playing Mario Kart on my Nintendo Switch, reading non fiction, listening to podcasts, or window shopping for mid century modern furniture.

Favourite Food & Drinks?

My favourite food by a long shot is anything Asian. Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, I love it all. My favourite cocktail is a Negroni, but my favourite alcoholic beverage by far is sour beer. I love discovering new ones at the different microbreweries Toronto has.


Height: 5,7

Weight: 125

Bra: 34C/32D

Body Type: Slender & Athletic

* I am tattooed (not heavily, but also not just a few small ones) however, they are blurred or edited out entirely for anonymity*